About us

Born from a fusion of passion and expertise

The people behind Honeycell

Honeycell was born in 2012 from a collaboration of two specialists in the development of window coverings. World-wide suppliers Coulisse and Lienesch combined their expertise and passion for blind fabrics in creating a new and refreshing brand in cellular fabrics. With an exceptional variety of qualities and unique decorative possibilities, meeting the most stringent international quality standards Honeycell offers the best choice in cellular fabrics.

Lienesch B.V.

For us, creating fabrics is a way of life. As a producer of window decoration fabrics we have more than 20 years of experience. Thanks to our knowledge of fabrics, continuous innovation and close relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners, we are able to provide the market with high-quality innovative and inspiring collections. Our focus on quality, personal contact and our passion for textiles make us unique.

Lienesch B.V.
Elektrostraat 7
7483 PG Haaksbergen
The Netherlands

Coulisse B.V.

Since our establishment in 1992 we have grown into a global window coverings specialist. Based on the belief that window coverings are so much more than just a functional product, we are redefining our market, to lift window coverings to a higher level and to put our partners ahead of the curve. From a unique design approach, we are developing advanced collections, innovative systems and smart technology.

Coulisse B.V.
Vonderweg 48
7468 DC Enter
The Netherlands

Mission & Vision


lt is the mission of Honeycell to help cellular blind makers and resellers world-wide to stand out in their markets with their own unique collection of high-quality cellular fabrics. We do so by offering an extensive range of cellular fabrics, uniquely created by Honeycell and efficiently produced according to the highest quality-standards. Next to this, we offer all-round marketing support.


We believe that, for becoming successful in cellular blinds, you need:

  • the freedom to create your own unique collection
  • deliver impeccable quality
  • entice the market with great marketing

Designed in the Netherlands

Our inhouse design studio, product management & development team and quality department have been working together with our long term production partners since day one. These partnerships can consist of developing a totally new collection of fabrics or jointly running product and production optimisation projects.  But it is always based on a shared pursuit of elegant, high-quality designs and well thought-out products that contribute to a better indoor climate.

Contact us

We care about what you think and would love to get in contact with you. If you have a question or if you wish to receive a sample, please let us know.