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This collection of cellular fabrics stands out for its extensive choice in different fabrics, ranging from functional plain varieties in a wide selection of colours to exclusive woven fabrics and stylish prints. The collection offers different transparencies, cell sizes, full-tone and duo-tone fabrics. As a result of their cellular structure, Honeycell fabrics help to save energy and to reduce ambient noise.

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For over 3,8 million years, nature has engineered structures which are perfectly suited to their purpose. The honeycomb structure, used by bees to store honey, exemplifies stability and optimal functionality. It has provided an excellent source of inspiration and was influential in the development of Honeycell fabrics.

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With over 600 unique items in 40 quality variations and 3 cell sizes, there is always a fitting fabric with the right design and colour. Fire retardant, black-outs, light filtering, and transparent fabrics are all included in the assortment.

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